Double digit giveaway!!!

Double digit giveaway!!!.


How do you define an “Awesome Book”?

I’ve decided that I want to try this blogging thing out. Primarily to discuss awesome books I have read and to find out what books you love best. 

Books make me happy. It’s as simple as that…I love them. My favorite books are definitely romance novels but I can’t resist a good mystery/thriller. 

In coming up with the name for my blog I started wondering how other people define an awesome book. I will tell you how I define it…

I just finished reading an “Awesome Book” by a great author, Catherine Bybee called “Wife by Wednesday” and it was So good I didn’t want it to end. When you are so in love with the characters and the story that you hate for it to end and can’t quit thinking about it when it’s over…that is the definition of an “Awesome Book” to me! 🙂